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002 Valentines Day Chicken Breast Heart Special

002 Valentines Day Chicken Breast Heart Special

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19 April, 2011 (22:06) | Chicken | By: WackyKitchen

This is the Valentines day special, focusing on making a visually romantic meal as the main course (involving a cluster of heart shaped foods) and sharing meals for starters and desert as I feel this is a more romantic way to enjoy a meal together.

The start sequence has been altered to add a drumline of me beatboxing to try to add another layer, in the next video I will add a main tune layer to the intro in the aim of creating a full intro tune.

Obviousely baking nacho’s at a low temperature in an oven would improve the consistancy and texture, and have plenty of sweet things to dip in the chocolate fondoo at the end for a good finish.