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JD Whetherspoon Inspired Superfood Salmon Pasta Salad and Bento Box

JD Whetherspoon Inspired Superfood Salmon Pasta Salad and Bento Box

Whetherspoons stopped doing their superfood salad, and while theirs didn’t have much sauce I adapted it with a few of their handy little sauce packets with mustard mint sauce and mayo, they were kind enough to send me the ingredient list that was used in the recipe as they’ve stopped doing it so I decided to attempt to recreate the dish along with the modifications I made in store to make a really tasty superfood salad pasta with salmon.

It can be offputting to a lot of people to hear the term “salad” or even eat enough fruit and veg to keep healthy, however having a superfood salad with a tasty sauce and separate salad dressing served with a grilled salmon is a very tasty way to get a wide range of nutrients.

I wouldn’t normally layer a salad or have pasta separate to whatever it is being served with, however in this dish it works well to keep the salad and pasta layers separate as they have two very different tasting sauces giving the salad a tasty zing while having a healthy tomato and pesto sauce for the pasta.

Using butternut squash in the salad not only adds to the superfood element but also makes it more substantial and feel more filling and satisfying so is a really good ingredient to include in any salad you might wish to create, and pomegranate seeds give a pop of flavour that compliments the spicy and minty sauce I created to go with the dish which makes the sweetness contrast the bitterness of the chard and salad leaves within the salad.

All in all if you’re looking for a way to eat healthier this is a good dish to add to your repertoire because there are so many “superfoods” included within it’s recipe balanced together well to give a great and very tasty meal

Butternut squash,
Edamame Soya Beans,
Fine Green Beans,
Pomegranate Seeds,
Red Chard,
Balsamic Vinigarette Dressing,
Green Pesto,
Giant Fusilli Spirals,
Cherry Tomatoes,
Sugar Snap Peas,
Red Onion,
Sun Dried Tomatoes,
Mint Sauce,
Liquidated Iceberg Lettuce Leaves,
Grilled Salmon,

001 Chicken Bone and Noodle Soup

001 Chicken Bone and Noodle Soup

Origonally posted

14 April, 2011 (23:47) | Soup | By: WackyKitchen

This is the first episode. I appreciate your feedback and comments. I plan on altering the start sequence music, and would have liked my elements to fly in at seperate times over the intro however I lack any software that can perform this so my intro will remain like this for the forseable future unless I can find suitable software to fix this problem however I will make a better tune, this is temporary to avoid posting a silent start sequence.