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Dauphinoise Potato Recipe, Home Cooking Potato Side Dish

Dauphinoise Potato Recipe, Home Cooking Potato Side Dish

A simple yet tasty way to serve potatoes in a different way a little more special, and perhaps a little guilty as it involves baking it in cream and garlic, but if you’re out to impress having a side of dauphinoise potatoes is a good way to impress and it is a pretty simple dish to make yourself.

To make dauphinoise you have to begin by slicing thin slices of potatoes into a cooking dish, crush in some garlic then finely dice some red onion into the dish and spread evenly. Layer in some more thinly sliced potato and then add double cream until everything is coloured. Repeat this for as many layers as you would like and this would make your basic dauphinoise potato mix.

You can adapt this dish by mixing in cooked meats or vegetables or even grated cheese for some tasty alternatives, however the basic version itself is pretty special.

Place in the oven at 200Degrees and cook until it starts to bubble and brown on top, this is how you’ll know it’s cooked and you can test this out by piercing it in the middle and feeling if the potato has softened up suitably.

Enjoy as a side dish with any main of your choice, sauce optional as this is a very creamy dish on it’s own although it will be more solid after cooking. This is my mom’s favourite dish and one I wanted to show off because it’s so easy to make something special.

002 Valentines Day Chicken Breast Heart Special

002 Valentines Day Chicken Breast Heart Special

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19 April, 2011 (22:06) | Chicken | By: WackyKitchen

This is the Valentines day special, focusing on making a visually romantic meal as the main course (involving a cluster of heart shaped foods) and sharing meals for starters and desert as I feel this is a more romantic way to enjoy a meal together.

The start sequence has been altered to add a drumline of me beatboxing to try to add another layer, in the next video I will add a main tune layer to the intro in the aim of creating a full intro tune.

Obviousely baking nacho’s at a low temperature in an oven would improve the consistancy and texture, and have plenty of sweet things to dip in the chocolate fondoo at the end for a good finish.