How To Cook Home Made Fluffy Spiced Potato Wedges

How To Cook Home Made Fluffy Spiced Potato Wedges

Home made spicy potato wedges can be easier to make than you think, as long as you think about how to cut your wedge shape without making a mistake and prepare your wedges properly for the way you wish to cook them, if you want a harder skinned wedge then the ideal method would be to microwave the wedges a little to dry the outer layer before adding any coating and cooking in the oven whereas if you wish to have a light fluffy wedge which is more of a cross between a chip shop chip and a wedge then you would want to lightly boil your wedges before cooking, this heats them up and prepares them for the oven allowing you to lightly oil and spice the surface without prolonged baking and also speeds up the cooking process.

You would need to take care not to overboil your wedges however as this will cause them to fall apart as you transfer them to the oven or even when you flip them in the oil and spice coating. However much spice and the types of spice you wish to use are entirely up to yourself and you can personalize these entirely to your own tastes. The final cooking method is also down to yourself, as frying these rather than oven roasting them would be more ideal for a traditional wedge with a crispy skin and remaining light and fluffy inside, however the oil itself will get very spicy, and I lack any form of fryer at present, so shallow frying these in the oven at the same time was my best solution.

The oven should be on full (250) to ensure that you crisp up and cook your wedges in the way you desire, checking occasionally that everything is loose with an occasional shake of the tray, perhaps flipping and re-coating the wedges as necessary to ensure an even coating of seasoning and even frying of the wedge on all sides. The cooking process should not take long and should be 20 minutes in total at most, without preheating your wedges this could take longer and also leave the inside of your wedges hard while the outside looks cooked.

Once cooked you can freeze these as long as you rapidly cool them first, a good way to do this would be to seal them in an airtight bag and run cold water from the tap over the bag, keeping the inner product dry but rapidly cooled, or even submerse into an ice bath sat inside a plastic tub, this too would remove heat rapidly enough to place into a freezer without contaminating and warming everything you have in there.

These are a perfect accompaniment to any meal, and I chose to have these with a steak and gravy pie, but would sit nicely alongside any main meal you would choose to prepare.

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