Homemade Strawberry Milkshake Recipe Perfect For Summer Heat

Homemade Strawberry Milkshake Recipe Perfect For Summer Heat

This summer heat has been non stop worldwide with little release or downpour of rain, and there is nothing better than a nice cold strawberry milkshake to satisfy your desires.

To make mine extra cooling I usually quarter my strawberries and freeze them in advance, you then use these frozen strawberries for about 1/4 of your cup and add plenty of sugar. I know it might seem like a good idea to add instant strawberry milkshake powder like nesquick however I tried this and somehow artificial and real strawberry milkshake combined tastes really disgusting and I don’t know how the meld goes so wrong but it’s not recommended at all. Add milk about half way up your cup as filling to the top is a bad idea as once you start liquidising this is going to go everywhere (as demonstrated impressively in this video) you can top up and blend more once your strawberries are liquidised as this will mix easier.

For an extra cooling factor I decided to top with a scoop of honeycomb icecream as a float, many people also use icecream in the blend to have a thickshake so if you want a really thicc 😉 milkshake go for that and it’ll be extra cooling, and the thickness will help blend better without flying out of the cup.

Whatever your choice this is a simple way to make a good cooling drink to enjoy in this summer heat, and if you’ve got strawberries or any fruit on the turn freezing them in chunks ready for a milkshake is a good way to store them for later use rather than wasting them, and a good way to get a healthy boost to your 5 a day.

So take it easy in this heat with a nice cooling homemade milkshake.

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