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My Perfect Sunday Roast Dinner

My Perfect Sunday Roast Dinner

The most british of meals is the sunday dinner and everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect roast dinner, my choice is of course a good roasted beef with burnt ends, a tasty mashed potato along with roasted vegetables, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, of course with a good gravy.

Seems simple enough right? Well of course you need to get everything right, from the perfect unlumpy mash cooked well enough to absorb enough butter to get a good flavour and consistency and then use the starchy water to deglaze the cooking tin after the roast and add your gravy granules for the ultimate gravy.

Homemade Yorkshire puddings are good if you’ve got the time, with an egg plenty of whisked flour and some water, however you could opt for shop bought if you simply don’t have the time and ingredients.

I would definitely say a roast sunday dinner is a tradition deeply british that remains to this day, and has to be done right.