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Month: May 2018

Homemade 4 Cheese Quiche Using Cheap Ingredients

Homemade 4 Cheese Quiche Using Cheap Ingredients

One of the nicest meals growing up was a homemade quiche, probably because it was something a little different and also very cheesy and ever since then I’ve always thought that a true quiche isn’t a quiche without cheese especially as my mom also sometimes made an “egg custard” which I never liked and seems a lot more like what modern supermarket quiches are without the cheese. As meals become “healthier” salt and fat contents get reduced and unfortunately that usually means that ingredients like cheese get reduced to the level that you don’t really get to taste them and enjoy them so if you want a really good quiche these days you have to make it yourself

Of course it wouldn’t be wacky kitchen if we made just an ordinary quiche so I’ve made a few little changes here and there like including the leftover mashed potato from the night before in the mix and some frekeh flour to add a little variance but for the most part the standards are there from using double cream, eggs and four different cheeses.

The cheeses you decide to use are important depending on what you want out of the quiche, I’ve included mozzarella for a nice gooey texture, I’ve included double Gloucester because it was my favourite cheese growing up and would be a satisfying taste, some cheddar as this stands up well to cooking and keeps that strong cheesy flavour, I’ve also included some wendsleydale because it’s meme value from Wallace and grommit, mmm cheese.

The best part is that once you’ve finished with your mix you can also use leftovers to stuff peppers and I’m sure with a few variations you could adapt this into other recipe’s too. I kept the filling fairly standard with a cheese garlic and onion filling but you could add anything from cooked bacon, mince or even cauliflower. This is your base filling that you can adapt to be any quiche recipe you choose, and you don’t have to add mashed potato or unusual flour’s I just did this for fun and experimentation and the quiche will work well without these.

Always remember to preheat and blind bake your pastry dish before putting the filling in if you don’t want a soggy bottom.